Brendan headshot

Thanks for visiting my portfolio website!

My name is Brendan Curran and I thrive in the convergence of art, science, and education.

My life experiences are varied, but recurring themes include:

  • Instruction, training, and education
  • Crafting of images, drawings, film, and video
  • Exploration of and learning about the Earth

This site shares content that I have made including videos, graphics, training content, and interactive geographic content.
I created some of this stuff on my own. A lot of it was created as part of a team.

I’m lucky: I’ve worked with some great teams and am grateful for my collaborators’ help and guidance on these projects. More importantly, I’m grateful for their friendship.

So, while the website and headings say “by brendan curran” much of this content wasn’t just by me. For each piece of content, I have noted whether this was a solo project or part of a group effort.