I get giddy when I go out to film. And I love to teach. Why not do both?

I am currently working on two video series:

Teaching Tools

This is a series of videos that presents how to make your graphics, animations, and videos more accessible.

How captions make your video better
This video shows how the effective use of open and closed captions makes videos more effective for all learners.

Video about closed captioning

Color Vision Deficiency
This video teaches why we need to consider color blindness in our design choices, and how to make graphics and video more accessible to people with color vision deficiency (color blindness).

Video about color vision deficiency

Pro-Tip: Color Vision Deficiency Simulators
This is a companion to the previous video that provides more specific technical information for creating accessible content.

Video that discusses color vision deficiency simulators

Field Notes California

These videos teach science, but with an outdoor-adventure twist!

Landform Change
This episode teaches plate tectonics and weathering as part of a scramble through Joshua Tree National park.

Heat Transfer
This episode teaches heat transfer (convection, conduction, radiation) to California Common Core Standards for 4th Grade Earth Science.

My Alaska adventure

This was a personal project that describes a trip I took when I was young to Alaska. I was able to tag along with a team of scientists to the Arctic Circle. There, the scientists were flying a high altitude plane to test instruments that would ultimately be used on satellites to measure the earth’s climate.